IN-CLASS #1 ​​

Today we will be doing the following:

Getting Started Activity

Introducing Show & Share Assignment

         Completing your Employer Evaluation

         Reviewing your S.C.E.L.P.

         Introduction to Culminating Activities


Show & Share Video Assignment 

Over the next six weeks, you will have to perform a task on video to be presented at the next in-class.

Please follow the steps below:


1. Review the rubric and the expectations for the assignment.

2. Speak with your supervisor about the assignment and discuss what task you will perform.

3. Contact your teacher with a date for videotaping.

4. Practice and prepare for the shooting of the video.

5. Record the video with your teacher.

6. Upload your video to Google Classroom as well as save it to your google drive or upload it to     youtube so you can use it in your Culminating Assignment.

Employer Evaluation

Click on the link below to open your Employer Evaluation. Fill our the top portion of the document completely. On page 2, type out the tasks that you do at your placement that your employer will evaluate you on. Fill out all of the spaces. Next, save the document to your drive. Have a teacher read over your evaluation. Once approved, print it off.

Culminating Activities 

​Your culminating activity consists of two parts: a slideshow that you will present to your tie-in course and another assignment of your choice. Click on the link 'Culminating Activity' to read about the expectations and your options. Your presentation is due in the middle of January and the assignment is due on the last day of co-op.

Start preparing now for the most success.



By the end of this class I will be able to:

  • ​Orally introduce myself and my placement​

  • Fully understand the content from pre-placement through an assessment

  • Reflect on my placement experiences

  • Practise making eye contact with an audience

  • Practise speaking loudly and clearly

  • Making connections with my workplace and health and safety

  • Get a general understanding of what is expected of me for my culminating activity

  • Make connections with the workplace and my logs and journals



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